About Sunrise Group

SUNRISE GROUP, a wholly owned Qatari company, has operations in diverse industries, with five key subsidiaries: Jollibee WLL, Auto-Innovations Wheels and Coatings, Shawarma Store, Al Thawq Al Mutamaiz and Creative Warehouses.

SUNRISE GROUP is an agile and consumer-oriented organization. As a group, we have invested in creating an entrepreneurial culture based on identifying opportunities and pursuing a common goal. This solid and binding culture engages and energizes our group to spot promising opportunities, take effective decisions and convert opportunities into effective business deals.

We strive towards cultivating this entrepreneurial culture into our organization, and into the way we think, empowering us to take the lead and efficiently and effectively work, collaborate, grow and contribute to the Qatari market.

OUR Culture

Although operating in diverse industries, our culture remains focused on best practices and ethics and adopts a result-oriented approach. We take the proud in our outstanding performance and accomplishments, driving us to seek new high-profile opportunities and develop partnerships with new clientele, thus further enhancing Qatar's growth and development.

OUR Mission

To provide high-profile products and give our customers new promises with every new sunrise!

OUR Vision

To be recognized as Qatar's most innovative, trendsetting, and consumer-centric group and to be positioned as a well-established organization with sustainable profitable growth, offering our customers high-profile and innovative products.


Our core values reflect the way we achieve our vision; our journey to reach our plans and meet our promises. Compliance of each member in our team to our values is never tolerated at our end.


All Winners

All Winners: We strive to create opportunities where our group, the customer and the community are All Winners! We care for every relationship; thus enrichment of our community lives is in our core scope.


Create and Innovate

Dream big and think different. Our thought leadership is unique and unmatched. 


Ongoing Improvement

We put ourselves to test and race against time to stand out and take our group to a new level with every SUNRISE!


Go above and beyond

We strive to go the extra mile, pursuing our customers' full satisfaction and beyond.

We work through every aspect at the planning