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AUTO-INNOVATION is a leading specialized professional in ALLOY WHEEL REPAIR and RIM REFURBISHMENT, with unmatched Experience and Passion in the area. It uses cutting-edge technology, unique in Qatar, to provide guaranteed services by the hands of a skillful team of certified and highly trained experts with strong potentials to deliver hotfix packages and safely set you back on your road.


Wheels repair is our expertise! Rims are our passion!
Auto-innovation is a leading brand in Alloy wheels repair, we use a cutting-edge technology,
unique in Qatar, our services are guaranteed and our experts have all the necessary skills
and experience to get you back on the road safely. They are all certified and trained.
No worries! Old rims will be like brand new!


AUTO-INNOVATION offers a full-service wheel repair package for insurers, dealerships, service centers, tire shops and other private customers. AUTO-INNOVATION also offers pick-up and delivery services.

In AUTO-INNOVATION, we can repair and refinish all alloy wheels, CNC machining (Diamond cut), powder coating, painting, polishing, full car nano-ceramic plus other professional services.


We provide Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. We use our European technology to rebuild and restore damaged rims to their OEM status with the most perfect finish. We provide wheel refurbishment for all types of alloy wheels. We fix cracks, bends, deep scratches, scuffs and all other defects.

Our professionals can easily reproduce the original factory finish through diamond cut wheel machines with advanced technology. The CNC Diamond Cutting is a very precise and time-consuming polishing process, performed only by our proficient and well-versed experts on specialized CNC machines.

Our spectrum of services includes free pick up/drop-off of your wheels and car towing your car for a full alloy removal service.

We guarantee that your wheels, tire center caps and TPMS valves will stay in place and return to their OEM condition.


We provide a professional and complete color change service to give you your vehicle rims the customized look of your dream.

Powder Coating is a harder and tougher finish than the normal paint. It is a chemical strip fixed through a shot blasting powder coat process applied to deeply corroded or flaking alloys. Powder is applied through spraying using an electrostatic gun.

Powder Coating produces thicker coatings than the conventional liquid ones. It provides your rims with a long lasting, anti-fading and anti-scratching texture. Through our services, you do not need any more to worry about any flaking paints or even a full color change.

We provide original paint colors, plus a wide selection of US-made colors that will meet all your needs!! We provide Powder Coating for rims, car parts, furniture, and any other metal items.

We provide a 3-year warranty for Powder Coating & Paint services.


Damaged wheels, including cracked or severely bent wheels, can be repaired through our advanced CNC technology and digital profiling.

Cracks and fractures dangerously release the tire air.

If not properly fixed, the crack gets larger. Unlike many other competitors, we have a welding expert team that can ensure your wheel safety,



Your wheels must be maintained in a good condition. Damaged alloy wheels can harmfully affect your vehicle performance. Wheel Bends can cause air pressure loss, uneven tire wear, vibrations at high speeds and alignment issues. AUTO-INNOVATION provides the best-of-class wheel bend straightening service. We have the right alloy professional team for the job. We use safe and effective technology on our patented wheel straightening system.

Our safety inspection process involves measuring the run-out and checking for hidden cracks using dye penetrant testing and blacklight inspection.

If a bent wheel is accordingly found out to be safe to straighten, our alloy wheel repair professionals will proceed with the task using our high-tech pressure relaxation wheel straightening system.

For safety reasons, and based on the damage location and severity, front and back bends may not qualify for repair. Your Safety is our main concern.


We provide a Nano-Ceramic Protection Service, covering all your vehicle exteriors and rims.

The Nano-Ceramic technique will provide protection to your vehicle body and rims against all weather conditions, dust, UV, debris, small scratches and other damages.

We use Sonax, a high-quality German product for covering your vehicle with the nano-ceramic protecting layer.

This protecting layer will maintain your vehicle body and rims cleaner and brighter for a longer time and make it easier to have them cleaned.





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